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PROGRAM READINESS – CAPIC & InternFit Screen Shots
CAPIC Uniform Application (CUA) – 2020 Sample Template
InternFit Support Page – Students
–     Creating your CAPIC Application Materials  (InternFit)
–     Selecting Sites and Submitting Applications (InternFit)
–     Ranking Internship Programs/Tracks (InternFit)
InternFit Support Page – Doctoral Programs
–     Inviting Students (InternFit)
–     Viewing Students (InternFit)
–     Viewing Sites (InternFit)
–     Managing Sites (InternFit)
InternFit Support Page – Internship Programs
–     Ranking Students
–     Managing Tracks
Sample Full Internship Profile (Therasoft)
CERF Sample with Approval Guidelines
CAPIC Offer and Acceptance Policy
Useful Info for CAPIC Doctoral Interns – Rev Aug 2018 (For Students)
CAPIC Info Re Interns and Stipends – Rev Aug 2018 (For Internships)

Supervisee Weekly Log  (Courtesy Sample Template from CAPIC – PDF Format)
Supervisee Weekly Log  (Courtesy Sample Template from CAPIC– Excel Format

Visit the following CAPIC webpages for more info on the processes and procedures for the CAPIC online match:

Online Match – Overview
Application Creation and Submission
Ranking and Matching
The Match FAQ’s page also provides many answers.

CAPIC Organization Documents:

CAPIC Bylaws

Mission Statement