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CAPIC Post-Clearinghouse opens on April 21, 2021 and runs indefinitely.

The key difference between Clearinghouse and Post-Clearinghouse is that the student application fee is no longer required for new students applying for CAPIC internships.   

  • New students must register and all students must submit applications online via the CAPIC InternFit platform.  These steps allow the student’s DCT to be involved in the process.
    • Students should go to the Registration page for more info specific to it.
    • Info on creating and submitting applications is given on the Application Creation and Submission page.
      • Again, starting with Post–Clearinghouse, the application fee is waived for any newly applying students.
      • The application fee previously paid by students still covers their participation through Post-Clearinghouse.   
  • For more details on submitting applications and obtaining internships during Post-Clearinghouse, follow the procedures provided on the Online Match >Clearinghouse webpage.  Again, the only procedural change for Post-Clearinghouse is that the $200 Application Fee is waived for new student participants.
  • The CAPIC InternFit platform (capic.internfit.com) continues to indicate which internship programs still seeking interns. 
    • Internships who did not fill all of their open positions were automatically entered into Clearinghouse on March 19, 2021 by CAPIC.
    • Internships are responsible for further updating their # of Open positions on InternFit to indicate any change in their participation.
      • At this phase, Internships will begin to settle on their final number of interns for the upcoming year and cease to seek additional interns.  Having zero “0” Openings means “no longer participating/seeking interns” and no additional applications can be submitted to that track/site.
      • Particularly during and after Clearinghouse, it is important for internships to update their info on InternFit to ensure students have an accurate list of participating programs.