Interviews, Ranking & Matching

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Info on creating and submitting applications is given on the Application Creation and Submission page.  

After the Student Application Deadline, internship programs should arrange interviews with student applicants, as desired.  

Interview Phase:

  • Internships must consider any application received by the application deadline.  Internships then decide for themselves which applicants to interview and later to rank.  
  • Students should wait for internships to initiate contact with them.  Internships have many applications and limited time to interview and evaluate applicants.   
  • CAPIC allows students to participate in both the APPIC and CAPIC match.  Internships should consider applicants based on their merits, and should not ask whether an applicant is also participating in the APPIC match.  Students remain responsible for ensuring they do not match in both the CAPIC and APPIC match. 

After the Interview phase, Online Ranking and Matching is then done on our match vendor website: InternFit.  

Ranking and Matching:

  • For Match I, internship matches must be made through this online process. An online match constitutes a binding internship agreement.
    • Match I Ranking opens at 12 Noon on March 6th on the InternFit website.
    • Match I Ranking deadline is 12 Noon on April 2nd on the InternFit website.
    • Clearinghouse opens at 12 Noon on April 8th on the CAPIC website.
      • Post-Clearinghouse opens at 12 Noon on May 1st on the CAPIC website.


  • After Match I, the online ranking and matching process is no longer used.   Instead, ranking, offers and acceptances (aka matches) are conducted directly between interested doctoral internship programs and students.  
    • Students must still register with CAPIC, create application materials through CAPIC, and submit applications through CAPIC.  This ensures a student’s Doctoral Academic Program is involved in the process.  Students should also inform their DCT of any proposed internship arrangements PRIOR to accepting any offers, to ensure the internship meets their doctoral academic program’s requirements. 

Setting Priorities:  Rankings Tracks/Applicants

Match I Ranking opens at 12 Noon on the InternFit website on March 6, 2019, and runs for about two weeks, closing at 12 Noon on April 2, 2019. 

  • Participants must log on to our match vendor’s website, InternFit, to enter their rankings. 
    • NOTE:  The login credentials (Username and Password) for the InternFit website for ranking are different from your regular CAPIC login credentials used during the application process.
  • On March 8th, our match vendor (InternFit) will contact all participants by email to set up login credentials for the Ranking and Match phase. Again, these login credentials are unique and different from the participants’ regular login credentials on the CAPIC website.

Match I Ranking closes at 12 Noon on April 2, 2019.

  • Participants may change their priority/ranking choices as often as desired until the Ranking deadline.
    • Internships may also change their quota/class size/# of interns sought as often as desired until the Ranking deadline.  The settings in place at the time of the Ranking deadline are the settings used in the match algorithm.
    • Participants are not allowed share their ranking intentions, beyond whether or not they intend to rank, period.  Any discussion of how one intends to rank should not be shared.
    • Participants should rank their choices based on their true preferences, without trying to second guess how the other side might rank them.  Available matches are competitive, and a more preferred match could be lost.
    • Each student’s final Priorities/Rankings will be combined with the final Priorities/Rankings of their available internship programs/tracks.
      • InternFit then runs the match algorithm to determine the match results. 

Match Results

CAPIC Match I Notification Day is April 6, 2019 (9 am).  

  • Students and Internships log in to the InternFit website to obtain their Match results.  
    • An online match constitutes a binding internship agreement.  Congratulations!  
    • Those who do not match in CAPIC Match I are encouraged to participate in CAPIC Clearinghouse.