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CAPIC has over fifty member agencies throughout California. These agencies provide exceptional pre-doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in a variety of formats including Full-Time, Half-Time-1Year, and Half-Time-2Year programs. CAPIC agency program members are recognized by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of predoctoral and postdoctoral Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours towards licensure as a psychologist. Whether inside or outside of California, students are encouraged to consult the state board where they anticipate licensing to verify specific licensing requirements regarding the accrual of SPE hours.  

A list of participating agencies can be found here:
Predoctoral Internship Programs
Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs

Interested in joining CAPIC as agency?

You can view our criteria HERE. Please contact our office if you are interested or have any questions.