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The CAPIC match process for doctoral internship training is probably the most visible aspect of CAPIC’s work, particularly from a student’s perspective.  

–  The CAPIC match process is for obtaining doctoral internships, not for postdoc fellowships.  For CAPIC postdoc positions, visit our Postdoc page.
–  CAPIC  doctoral internships are only available to students from CAPIC Doctoral Academic Programs. 

Overall Process:  

For the 2023 Match, CAPIC will again hold one online match round, which will occur after the first APPIC Match results.

 Doctoral Academic Programs (e.g. DCT’s) initiate the process by registering their students by logging in and sending an invitation to register to their students.  If a doctoral academic program does not have a login, or if a student’s request to register is not being answered, please contact the CAPIC office for assistance.

The Registration steps for students in the CAPIC online match process are as follows:

  • Login to the CAPIC InternFit Portal using  the Passcode provided by the Students DCT.
  • Register
  • Assemble Application Materials
  • Submit Completed application Materials online to Individual

Match Materials and Supporting Documentation:  

Help Materials on Student Registration, Application Creation & Submission and Ranking are provided on the InternFit Platform:

–  Additional 2021 CAPIC Online Match Procedures and Materials are posted on the “All Forms” page of the main CAPIC website.