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The California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC) is an association of clinical psychology doctoral academic programs and doctoral internship training sites throughout the state of California. CAPIC works together with all three program member groups to increase the quality of professional psychology training throughout the entire education trajectory–as well as to better train psychologists to serve diverse population needs.

Over the years, CAPIC has grown to meet the needs of our doctoral program members for quality internship training for their students. CAPIC Internship Program members and Postdoctoral Program members are recognized by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours towards licensure as a psychologist, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member programs.

Similarly, CAPIC helps meet the needs of our Internship and Postdoctoral training program members for well-prepared students by its collaboration with quality doctoral programs members.

CAPIC programs provide a valid path to licensure as a psychologist in California, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member internships, and students from CAPIC programs have become licensed by other state psychology licensing boards.

Currently, we have 35 In-State Doctoral Program members (17 APA-accredited), as well as seven (7) Out-Of-State Associate Doctoral Academic Program Members.. We also have over 100 Internship Programs and 26 Postdoctoral Program Members/Agencies across California.

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For more info on becoming a CAPIC Program Member, view our Joining CAPIC page.

Existing program members who seek to upgrade their program status (e.g. add a Full-Time program or add a new training site) follow essentially the same procedures for joining CAPIC, although no application fee is required and the site visit requirement is left to the discretion of the CAPIC Board member conducting the review.

NOTE:  Students themselves cannot become CAPIC program members, but gain access to the CAPIC internship match process through their Doctoral Academic Program.   Students register with CAPIC for online access but are not CAPIC members.  Click here for more info on Student Registration.