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CAPIC Doctoral Internship Program members are recognized by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours towards licensure as a psychologist, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member programs.  Currently, CAPIC has over sixty Active Internship Programs offering Full-Time, Half-Time-1Year, and/or Half-Time-2Year internships for doctoral-level psychology students 

  • Internships should go to this online directory platform/site to    Login and edit/update their full online profile. 
  •  Internships should go to the InternFit platform to Login for all CAPIC online match activities, including Track and Open Position updates.

CAPIC internships are comparable in training and supervision to APA-accredited and APPIC-member internships. CAPIC internships provide a valid path to licensure as a psychologist in California, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member internships.

CAPIC has adapted its membership criteria from those of APPIC, and the two criteria are essentially the same.  Key differences include:  

  • CAPIC encourages but does not require stipends for students at its internship programs. At present, roughly half our internships offer stipends. 
  • CAPIC explicitly requires comprehensive cultural competency training.
  • CAPIC explicitly requires that all training be sequential, cumulative and graded in complexity.

See CAPIC’s membership criteria for Internship Programs.

CAPIC also includes site visits as part of the initial application process, as well as  periodic Quality Assurance of its member programs.

In addition to internships, CAPIC also has over two dozen Postdoctoral Programs.
             Students interested in seeking a CAPIC postdoc fellowship should contact agencies directly, and should not use the CAPIC online match process.  The CAPIC online match process is for obtaining doctoral internships, not for postdoc fellowships.
For more info, visit the CAPIC Postdoctoral Program page.

Online Profile Database for CAPIC Program Members

CAPIC Program Members should go to our new online directory platform (https://programs.capic.net) and click the login button at the top of the home page to log on to access and edit their program’s online extended agency profile (EAP), brief agency profile (BAP), as well as view other programs’ profiles.

CAPIC Program members are responsible for keeping their online profiles current at all times.  Please contact the CAPIC office for further assistance, as needed.

Status Changes for Existing CAPIC Program Members

Existing CAPIC program members seeking to upgrade their program status (e.g. add a Full-Time program, add a new training site, etc.), should follow the same procedures as new applicants seeking CAPIC membership,  except (a) no application fee is required and (b) a site visit is left to the discretion of the CAPIC Board member conducting the review.  Go to the page on Joining CAPIC for these procedures and more info.

CAPIC Online Match

Online Match Basics:

  • Internships are responsible for keeping their online profile up-to-date, including their participation in the online match process.
  • Internships retrieve student application materials from the CAPIC website.
  • Internships must consider any student applications submitted by the application deadline.
  • Internships then decide for themselves which applicants to interview and later to rank.
  • Online Ranking and Matching is then done on the Internet Platform.

Additional Information for Internship Programs

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CCTC Internship Development Toolkit

Supervision Agreement Form (on BoP website.  Last revised 7/14.)
Verification of Experience Form (on BoP website. Last revised 3/15.)

Supervisee Weekly Log  (Courtesy Sample Template from CAPIC – PDF Format)
Supervisee Weekly Log  (Courtesy Sample Template from CAPIC– Excel Format)
Laws and Regulations Related to the Practice of Psychology  (2016 Version)