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Student registration for the CAPIC Online Match for 2021-2022 shall be announced Fall of 2022.

Registration is the first step for students to participate in the CAPIC online internship match process. 

Registration Notes:

    • All students must be registered annually on the CAPIC website;
    • All previously registered students are removed annually from the CAPIC system AND
    • No registration or application materials previously submitted (i.e. before annual activation) will be available for the new match process.  This material will need to be resubmitted/created after registration re-opens.
    • There is no fee for students to register with CAPIC.   The $200 application fee is not required until later in the process.

When a student’s registration for the CAPIC Online Match is set up by her/his doctoral academic program, the student will automatically receive an email from capicadmin@capic.net to complete their Registration  Students should check their Junk/Spam folders to ensure these emails are not missed.

Students should then respond to the instructions in that email to complete their registration and select their Username and Password (aka login credentials). Students will then use these login credentials to sign to the CAPIC Student Portal, for (a) student application creation and submission; and (b) internship ranking and matching.   As soon as students have registered, they can begin creating their application materials.  

Students who do not attend CAPIC Doctoral Academic Programs are not eligible to Register nor to participate in the CAPIC match process. CAPIC is a membership organization and CAPIC internships are available only to students from CAPIC Doctoral Academic Programs.   If in doubt, contact the CAPIC office.

Students from eligible out-of-state doctoral academic programs are allowed to participate in the full CAPIC online match process, but must still complete attestations regarding their understanding of CAPIC internships.  Visit the Out-Of-State Doctoral Academic Program page for more info.

Students should also review CAPIC internship profiles online. 

A listing of participating CAPIC internships and tracks are listed on the InternFit platform.   Full profiles are provided on the separate Therasoft platform; www.programs.capic.net

CAPIC recommends first conducting searches of these Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s) of internship programs participating in the current match process (e.g. Match I, Clearinghouse, Post-Clearinghouse).   needed.  The column titled “Track Name” has the official info on available positions for the current match process. 

Students should also be aware that internships are currently in the process of updating their EAP’s for the current CAPIC online match, and their info may not be complete or up-to-date until the internship fairs.  

Internship programs choose whether to use multiple tracks. Multiple tracks are used when internship programs need to rank students separately within a program. Examples include: Half-time vs Full-Time internships; Distinct substantive programs (e.g. Adult Outpatient, Elder Care, Child & Youth, Equine); Unique needs (e.g. Spanish vs. English vs. Cantonese); and others.

Besides the Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s), students should also review a program’s full/extended agency profile (EAP).  In particular, students should check Question 7a & 7b on page 1, asking whether the program restricts which CAPIC Doctoral Academic Program students it accepts for internships and which ones are acceptable. Just as Doctoral Academic Programs may set limits, Internship Programs may, as well. 

Again, internship programs are currently updating their info for the upcoming match process, and their profiles may not be fully accurate until mid-November.

Again, as soon as students have registered for the CAPIC online match, they can begin creating their application materials.   Completed application materials can then be submitted to internship sites/tracks of interest starting in early February.

Visit the InternFit platform (https://capic.internfit.com/) and its Help module for official match processes and info on the CAPIC match process.  

Visit other CAPIC online match pages for info on those phases of the CAPIC match process. They are listed in chronological order under Online Match on the navigation bar above.