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June 2018-19 CAPIC Board Election Results:  

Voting closed on June 30, 2018.   Thanks to everyone who voted!!  

The following nine individuals were elected to the CAPIC Board:

Northern California
NoCA Doctoral Academic Program Representatives
                    Sukie Magraw, PhD, at John F Kennedy University
                    Margaret Boucher, PsyD, at California Institute of Integrative Studies
          NoCA Student/Intern Representative
                    Julie Look from CA School of Professional Psychology/Alliant – San Francisco

 Southern California
          SoCA Doctoral Academic Program Representative
Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD, at Pacific Graduate Institute – Carpinteria
                    Debra Warner, PsyD, at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Los Angeles
SoCA Internship Program Representative
Niyati Roy, PsyD, of County of Orange Healthcare Agency
SoCA At-Large Representative
Melodie Schaefer, PsyD
Marcos Briano, PhD
SoCA Student/Intern Representative
Alexandra Weaverling from PGI-Carpinteria

Congratulations to all new and returning board members!

Many thanks to our departing board members for their years of service!
          SoCA Internship Program Representative:  Kendra Nickerson, PsyD
NoCA Student/Intern Representative:- Sebastian Sheldon, MA
          SoCA Student/Intern Representative:- Nancy E. Withers, MFT

Click here for the full roster of the CAPIC Board of Directors 


CAPIC Board Election Process:  

The CAPIC Board is elected by its CAPIC Program Members on a rotating basis and serve 3-year* terms. (* Note:  Intern/Student reps serve only 1-year terms.) Elections for open positions are held each Spring, and with terms beginning on July 1st, the start of CAPIC’s fiscal year.

There are fourteen (14) positions on the CAPIC board, split evenly between Northern and Southern California.  These positions are for Doctoral Academic, Internship, At-Large and Intern/Student representatives.

Below are the criteria for serving on the CAPIC Board:

Criteria to serve on the CAPIC Board  (For all Board representatives)
Student Criteria to serve on the CAPIC Board  (Supplement for Student/Intern rep)

The CAPIC Board meets quarterly, rotating its meetings between Northern (NoCA) and Southern California (SoCA) locations.  For meeting dates and locations, go to the Board of Directors page.

Go to the Board of Director page for more info and the full list of CAPIC Board members.

For additional information, please contact the CAPIC Office (925-969-4550 or  Thanks!

CAPIC Board Nominations & Elections Schedule – for 2019:

The following seven (7) positions are open for election in June 2019:

  • NoCA Internship Program Representatives (2)
  • NoCA At-Large Representative
  • NoCA Student/Intern Representative
  • SoCA Doctoral Academic Program Representative
  • SoCA Internship Program Representative
  • SoCA Student/Intern Representative

Nominations and Elections Schedule (Tentative)

  • May 15: Formal Call for Nominations sent to CAPIC Program Members from CAPIC Office.
    • May 15 –  May 31: Nomination Period for CAPIC Board positions
    • May 31: Nomination Period closes.
  • June 8:  Board reviews any outstanding nominations and approves the slate of candidates on the election ballot
  • June 11: Election ballot for open CAPIC Board positions sent to CAPIC Program Members from CAPIC Office.
    • June 11 – 30: Election Period for CAPIC Board positions.
      • Each Active CAPIC Program Member (i.e. Doctoral Academic, Internship & Postdoctoral Programs) is authorized one vote/ballot.
      • Inactive CAPIC programs are not eligible to vote.
      • Students are not CAPIC program members and are therefore also not eligible to vote.
  • June 30:  Election period closes. CAPIC office tabulates election results.
    • early July: CAPIC Board certifies the election results.
    • mid July: CAPIC Office announces election Results.
    • Terms begin effective July 1, 2019.
    • First board meeting is in September, 2019 (Date TBD).

June 2017 CAPIC Board Election Results:  

Board members are elected on a rotating basis each June. The following four individuals were recently elected to the CAPIC board:

Northern California (NoCA)
NoCA Internship Program Representative:- Carol Kirshnit, Ph.D.
NoCA At-Large Representative: – Priscille Schwarcz-Besson, PhD Candidate
NoCA Student/Intern Representative:- Sebastian Sheldon, MA

Southern California (SoCA)
          SoCA Student/Intern Representative:- Nancy E. Withers, MFT

Congratulations and welcome — or welcome back! — to the CAPIC Board!

Many thanks also to our two departing board members for their years of service!
          –  Valerie Jordan, PhD, who has served on our board for over ten years.
–  Nadia Thalji, PsyD, who has served as our SoCA Student Rep the past two years.
We wish you both much success — and happiness — with your next adventures!