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Students are an important part of CAPIC.  They represent the present and the future of the psychology profession, and they are on the front line of many of the changes affecting psychology training and client care.  

Two students serve on the CAPIC Board of Directors with a one-year term as the Student/Intern Representatives.  They have full voting rights and their perspective and energy are invaluable.  For students, this is a great opportunity to learn more about CAPIC, internships in general, and to participate in a grassroots organization that is committed to diverse and locally relevant quality training models for clinical psychology students.

Please go to our Board Elections page for more info about serving on the CAPIC Board.

NOTE:  Students themselves cannot become CAPIC members, but register to gain access to the CAPIC internship match process through their Doctoral Program.  As noted above, they also serve with distinction on the CAPIC Board.

Online Internship Match

The CAPIC match for internship training is probably the most visible aspect of CAPIC’s work, particularly from a student’s perspective.  CAPIC Doctoral Internship Program members are recognized by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours towards licensure as a psychologist, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member programs.  

CAPIC matches around 100 psychology students each year with clinical internships, which serves for many students as the capstone of their doctoral degree and an important step to becoming a licensed psychologist in California.    

Students must attend a CAPIC-member Doctoral Academic Program to be eligible to obtain a CAPIC internship.  Students from non-CAPIC-member APA-accredited Doctoral Academic Programs are also eligible to obtain a CAPIC internship, but they and their school’s Clinical Training Director must first complete attestations to their understanding of CAPIC internships, as described on Out-of-State Doctoral Academic Program webpage.

CAPIC Postdoctoral Training Programs  

In addition to internships, CAPIC also offers postdoctoral training for licensure.

CAPIC currently has over two dozen Postdoctoral Programs.
Students interested in seeking a CAPIC postdoc fellowship should contact agencies directly, and should not use the CAPIC online match process.  The CAPIC online match process is for obtaining doctoral internships, not for postdoc fellowships.
Click here for a publicly accessible list of CAPIC Postdoctoral Programs, including links to their Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s).
For more info, visit the CAPIC Postdoctoral Program page.

Accreditation Status and CAPIC’s Unique Place 

While CAPIC internships and postdocs are recognized by the CA Board for licensure, CAPIC is not an accrediting body.  This may have ramifications for employment (e.g. the VA currently requires an APA-accredited internship for employment) and for license mobility across states.  Still, the vast majority of state licensing boards allow equivalent alternatives to accredited internships, even as they explicitly mention APA-accredited internships and/or doctoral academic programs.  CAPIC credentials of applicants for psychology licensure, which are recognized by the CA BoP, have also been accepted on an individual basis by other state licensing boards, including Colorado, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

Created in 1991, CAPIC’s founders recognized that by working together they could increase the quality of professional psychology training throughout the entire education trajectory, as well as better train psychologists to serve community and population needs in California.

Twenty five (25) years later, CAPIC continues to promote excellence in doctoral psychology education and training that provides a path to licensure, as well as provide psychological services to California communities. In doing so, we also help address the needs of diverse students (e.g. by offering half-time internships and diverse training modalities) and the needs of diverse populations often underserved by the traditional training model.

Considering these various factors together, CAPIC has a unique place in psychology training and service in California, and provides the right internship experience for the professional needs and personal aspirations of many students.  Please review our webpage on CAPIC’s Unique Place for additional details, and to help determine if CAPIC is the right fit for you.


Registration is not required to view internship profiles.   Click here to go to our Online Directory of CAPIC internship and postdoc agencies.

To participate in the CAPIC internship match, Students must be registered with CAPIC by their Doctoral Academic Program for online access.  Click here for info on Student Registration.   

Registering is the first step for students to obtain a CAPIC internship.

When new registrations are closed (e.g. during August), students may still search and view publicly accessible profiles without having to be Registered or logged in.  See below for more info.

Once the online match process begins, students can start create their application materials to submit to internships of interest and then later rank as part of the CAPIC online match process.

NOTE:  Students who do not attend CAPIC Doctoral Academic Programs are not eligible to Register nor to participate in the CAPIC match process. CAPIC is a membership organization and CAPIC Doctoral Internships are available only to students from CAPIC Doctoral Academic Programs.  Students from eligible out-of-state doctoral academic programs may not participate in the CAPIC match process prior to CAPIC Clearinghouse, nor form or arrange internships/matches with CAPIC internships prior to CAPIC Clearinghouse.

Publicly Accessible Internship Profiles

Anyone can access the Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s) of CAPIC doctoral internship programs by clicking here. No login is required and search options are available.
To view the full, Extended Agency Profiles (EAP’s), a student must be registered.

A publicly available list (non-searchable) of BAP’s for CAPIC postdoctoral programs is available  here.

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