MHSA Symposium

Note:  This is a past CAPIC event.


CAPIC/MHSA Symposium – March 18-19, 2011

As part of the 2008-2011 MHSA contract, CAPIC held a 2-day symposium titled “Serving the Underserved: Preparing Psychologists for Effective Practice in the Public Sector” in San Jose on March 18 and 19, 2011. The symposium was attended by clinical psychology educators from around the state, clinical psychology students, and representatives from psychology and public health organizations. The symposium was structured so that participants were an active part of the experience.

Click here for more information on this Symposium, including the text and slides of the plenary speakers.

At the symposium CAPIC presented Representative Jim Beall of the California Assembly, who represents the San Jose and Campbell area, with the first “CAPIC Leadership Recognition Award”. View the text of the award.

Thank you to all who attended for your active participation!