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CAPIC Match Day

April 3

Results will be posted on the InternFit platform by 10:05 AM
Results will also be emailed to students and internships!

Congrats to everyone who matched!

An online match constitutes a binding internship agreement by all sides.  Internships should follow-up directly with matched students within a few weeks.

Those students who did not match may seek a CAPIC internship during Clearinghouse, starting on April 9th.
o Between Match Day (April 3rd) and Clearinghouse (April 9th), sites should confirm the # of interns (aka open positions) they are still seeking for the 2018-19 training year.
o During this time, students should review their application materials and prepare new cover letters, as needed.   
Those internships who do not fill all their internship positions will automatically be entered into the CAPIC Clearinghouse.   
NOTE:  CAPIC Clearinghouse will open on InternFit at 12 noon on April 9th, not on CAPIC Match Day (April 3rd) as in previous years.  Unmatched students will not be able to submit applications until April 9th.

–  Internships should make any additional updates themselves to their # of Open Positions on InternFit, as they obtain further matches or decide to no longer pursue interns.  Set the # of Open Positions to zero (0) ends an internship’s participation in Clearinghouse and prevents further student applications from being submitted.
–  Internships should NOT delete tracks.  If you do, you will permanently lose all info within that track (including submitted student materials).
 –  Internships who only have only one intern should continue participating in Clearinghouse to obtain minimum cohort, or should complete the steps to provide required peer interaction as outlined in our Minimum Cohort Consortia Agreement.


April 3
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