Carol Kirshnit, Ph.D.

Membership Committee, Member
Academic & Staff Assistance Program, UC Davis Health System 

Carol Kirshnit, Ph. D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and the manager of the Academic and Staff Assistance Program at UC Davis Health System in Sacramento.

Carol Kirshnit maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Davis. Her 25 years of clinical experience includes working in University Counseling Centers, hospital settings, employee assistance, and private practice.

As an EAP manager for a large public healthcare facility, Dr. Kirshnit has demonstrated a strong commitment to clinical training. Dr. Kirshnit works collaboratively with the clinical staff at ASAP and her colleagues on the main UC Davis campus. She has been instrumental in developing and maintaining a comprehensive CAPIC-accredited pre-doctoral psychology internship program.

Dr. Kirshnit’s area of special interests includes stress management, dealing with depression, relationship issues, parenting, compassionate leadership, sports psychology, work-life balance, health/wellness, and coping with grief/loss.