2017 Post-Clearinghouse opens on May 1, 2017 and runs indefinitely.  

The key difference between Clearinghouse and Post-Clearinghouse is that the student application fee is no longer required for new students applying for CAPIC internships.   

  • During Clearinghouse (and Post-Clearinghouse), student application materials are still submitted online, but ranking, offers and acceptances (aka matches) are conducted directly between doctoral internship programs and students.  
  • For a publicly accessible list of CAPIC Internship Programs, including links to their Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s), click here.  The CAPIC website continues to provide info on doctoral internship programs still seeking interns. 
      • Click here to go directly to the advanced search option page.  On the search form, click on the box for “participating in current match process” (in this case Post-Clearinghouse) and click “Search.”
        • NOTE:  To search other parameters (e.g. region, type of internships available, etc.), be sure to also select “Agencies that match ALL of the above criteria.” at the bottom of the form, as appropriate.  
      • The search results page will provide links to the Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s) of those internships found.
        • NOTE:  Internships full profiles may only be viewed after logging in.  This advanced search option also exists if you are logged in. 
  • Students submit their application materials online as they did before during the earlier online match process.
    • Students should then follow-up directly with internships.
    • Students must also inform their DCT of any proposed internship arrangements, to ensure it will meet their doctoral academic program’s requirements.
      • Students must also obtain school approval before accepting any internship offers.
    • Once a Student and Internship program form an internship agreement, the internship should inform CAPIC of the internship match. 
      • Please include the type of doctoral internship (e.g. Full-Time, Half-Time 1-Year, Half-Time 2-Year).
    • Students and Internship programs should also formalize their internship agreement in writing.
      • Do not send CAPIC a copy. CAPIC does not maintain this documentation, although academic programs may want it.


  • New students must still register and all students must submit applications online via the CAPIC website.  These steps allow the student’s DCT to be involved in the process.
    • Students should go to the Registration page for more info specific to it.
    • Info on creating and submitting applications is given on the Application Creation and Submission page.   
      • Starting with Post–Clearinghouse, the application fee is waived for any newly applying students.
      • The application fee previously paid by students still covers their participation through Post-Clearinghouse.   
  • The CAPIC website ( continues to provide info on doctoral internship programs still seeking interns.
    • Doctoral Internship programs should update their online profile (Q. 14b) to reflect their current needs.
    • Doctoral Internship programs should also update their online profile (Q. 6a) to stop participating.