2017 Post-Clearinghouse opens on May 1, 2017 and runs indefinitely.  

The key difference between Clearinghouse and Post-Clearinghouse is that the student application fee is no longer required for new students applying for CAPIC internships.   

  • During Clearinghouse (and Post-Clearinghouse), student application materials are still submitted online, but ranking, offers and acceptances (aka matches) are conducted directly between doctoral internship programs and students.  
    • Students should follow-up directly with internships.
    • Students must inform their DCT of any proposed internship arrangements, to ensure it will meet their doctoral academic program’s requirements.
      • Students must also obtain school approval before accepting any internship offers.
    • Once a Student and Internship program form an internship agreement, the internship should inform CAPIC of the internship match. 
      • Please include the type of doctoral internship (e.g. Full-Time, Half-Time 1-Year, Half-Time 2-Year).
    • Students and Internship programs should also formalize their internship agreement in writing.
      • Do not send CAPIC a copy. CAPIC does not maintain this documentation, although academic programs may want it.


  • New students must still register and all students must submit applications online via the CAPIC website.  These steps allow the student’s DCT to be involved in the process.
    • Students should go to the Registration page for more info specific to it.
    • Info on creating and submitting applications is given on the Application Creation and Submission page.   
      • Starting with Post–Clearinghouse, the application fee is waived for any newly applying students.
      • The application fee previously paid by students still covers their participation through Post-Clearinghouse.   
  • The CAPIC website ( continues to provide info on doctoral internship programs still seeking interns.
    • Doctoral Internship programs update their online profile (Q. 14b) to reflect their current needs.
    • Doctoral Internship programs update their online profile (Q. 6a) to stop participating.