Match Process Overview and Updates

NOTE:  The CAPIC online match process is for internships, not for postdoctoral fellowships. For CAPIC postdoc positions, visit our Postdoc page.


Registration will open on September 15th and then runs indefinitely.

Students seeking to participate in the 2017 CAPIC online match should wait until after September 15 to register. 
Students should go to the Registration page for more info specific to it. 
Info for students on creating and submitting applications is given on the Application Creation and Submission page.  

The key points for the 2017 CAPIC Online Match Process are:

  • CAPIC will again hold only one online match round, which will occur after the second APPIC Match results.
    • Students may participate in both APPIC matches and then (if unmatched) in the CAPIC match. As always, students remain responsible for ensuring double matches (APPIC/CAPIC) do not occur.
    • Since the CAPIC online match round occurs later than in previous years, the overall schedule is also being rolled out later.
      • The Application deadline for students is February 27, 2017.  
        • Students will still need to complete their CAPIC application materials during the APPIC match process, in order to meet the CAPIC application deadline. 
      • The full 2017 CAPIC Online Match Schedule is available here.
  • We are changing to a new vendor, InternFit, for ranking and matching services.
    • As with D&D Digital, participants will receive an email invite from InternFit to register on their website and enter their rankings.
    • More information will be sent out before this ranking phase arrives (in March 2017), to ensure the match process runs smoothly for everyone.
    • The CAPIC application process will remain the same for this year, but will likely also transition to InternFit for the 2018 match. 
  • Students from approved out-of-state doctoral academic programs may again participate in the full online match process, and not wait until Clearinghouse as in previous years. This includes CAPIC Out-of-State Associate Doctoral Academic Program members, as well as other approved out-of-state programs.
    • These programs and their students must also complete attestations to their understanding of CAPIC internships and policies, and their agreement to abide by them. 
    • More info is provided on the Out-Of-State Doctoral Academic Program webpage.
    • This change is being tested this year on a trial basis, in response to the need for qualified applicants for our internships.  
      • After the match, we will again be thoughtfully reviewing this policy to determine whether to continue for another year or to modify or end it.
  • Letters of Reference (LOR’s) for student application materials may be uploaded as well as pasted to a student’s profile by the Referee.
    • Previously, CAPIC only allowed LOR’s to be pasted into the LOR form on the CAPIC website.
      • CAPIC does not restrict the type or format of a LOR that may be used by a Referee.
        • The specific procedures are explained in the LOR email request itself.
      • As before, Referees must still submit the LOR by using the link provided in the LOR email request from CAPIC.
        • As before, The CAPIC Office will not upload any LOR’s on behalf of any Referees or students.
      • APPIC is now requiring the use of a Standardized Reference Form (SRF).  CAPIC allows for any format, including this format.
        • Click here for the revised APPIC SRF.   Click here for FAQ’s for the APPIC SRF.
          • This revised APPIC SRF is a significant improvement over its original one.
        • We understand that different formats may cause difficulties for internships comparing applicants’ LOR’s.  Students and internships should both be aware of this issue when requesting or reviewing LOR’s for the CAPIC match process. 
  • Internships will be able to clearly mark whether a particular track is Full-Time, Half-Time, or Undetermined/Multiple.
    • In question #14b on the EAP (and shown on the BAP), we have added a field for FT, HT1Yr, HT2Yr or Undetermined/Multiple.
      • This info is meant to help reduce misunderstandings between students and internships on what type of internship is being offered.
      • This info will also be included in the ranking and matching process on the D&D Digital website.
        • For this year, Internships should also still be descriptive with the track name to ensure clarity (e.g. Outpatient – Full-Time). 
    • When in doubt, Internships should use the Undetermined/Multiple type, and clearly explain to the applicant what is being offered (e.g during the interview).
      • Oftentimes, Internships seek the best intern and then adjust the internship type, based on the intern’s needs.  That is allowed.
    • Internships are responsible for ensuring it is clear to applicants what type of internship is being offered. 
  • Updates from previous years that are continuing this year include:
    • Students must have their dissertation proposal accepted to be considered ready for their final internship.
    • Students will be able to modify their CAPIC Uniform Application (CUA) until the CERF is verified by their DCT.
    • Student Registration and CERF verification is required for all students through all match phases, including Post-Clearinghouse.  


2017 CAPIC Online Internship Match Materials:

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CERF Sample with Approval Guidelines
Supervisee Weekly Log  (Courtesy Sample Template from CAPIC – PDF Format)
Supervisee Weekly Log  (Courtesy Sample Template from CAPIC– Excel Format)
See also the Match FAQ’s page for more answers.