MHSA Intern Stipend Program

Sixteen New $20,770 CAPIC/MHSA Stipends Awarded!

Below are the Year 1 (2016-17) CAPIC/MHSA Stipend Awardees,
Congratulations to these awardees and to everyone who applied!

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Kristina Akopian
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – LA – Clinical Forensic Psychology
Michelle Bobbett
CSPP/Alliant International University – San Francisco
Heather Bravo
California School of Forensic Studies -Sacramento
Lindsay Fulton
CSPP/Alliant International University – San Francisco
Janine Ivy
California School of Forensic Studies – Los Angeles
Lauren Lerva
The Wright Institute
Allison Meins
CSPP/Alliant International University, – San Francisco
Nancy Mejia
CSPP/Alliant International University San Francisco
Kim Nguyen
CSPP/Alliant International University – San Francisco
Lauren Perez
The Wright Institute
Roxanne Rafiepour
CSPP/Alliant International University – San Francisco
Shiba Rahimi
CSPP/Alliant International University, Sacramento
Shouka Sharifpour
California School of Forensic Studies- San Diego
Pooja Sharma
The Wright Institute
Fereshteh Sorouri
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – LA – Applied Clinical Psychology
Tanisha Stewart
The Wright Institute

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Sixteen New $20,770 CAPIC/MHSA Stipends To Be Awarded in 2018!

The application process for the second round (2017-18) of MHSA stipends will open in January of 2018! 

The online application will close on March 31, 2018.  Awardees will be announced by June 30, 2017.   

Psychology students must, at the time of application, be enrolled at a California doctoral academic program AND serving at a qualified internship.  
This internship must be the student’s final internship prior to graduation, and the student must graduate by December of 2018. 
Students must also be committed to working at a qualified postdoc after graduation, and must commence this work within six months of graduation.
Students must also complete fifteen (15) CAPIC/MHSA online training modules during the course of their internship and postdoctoral service.
A qualified site under this program is one which receives public mental health funds, but specifically excludes CDCR and State Hospital sites.  Qualified sites need not be CAPIC programs.

Check here in January of 2018 for the Flyer announcement and for access to the online application process for these CAPIC/MHSA Stipends.

See the Announcement below dated April 30, 2016 for more background information on this MHSA Stipend program. 

Program Overview

This CAPIC/MHSA psychology intern stipend program provides stipends to doctoral level psychology students who are committed to serving in public mental health.

ANNOUNCEMENT (April 30, 2016):  

CAPIC was recently awarded a new contract by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) to administer its Educational Stipend Program for Clinical Psychologists.  This new five-year contract will start on July 1, 2016, and is funded by the California Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)/CA Prop 63.

 Under this MHSA contract, CAPIC will distribute thirty-two (32) Full-Time ($20,772) MHSA stipends awards (16 stipends per year for two years) to doctoral level clinical psychology students who are committed to serving in the publicly funded mental health system in California.

CAPIC will use its existing organizational infrastructure, as well as its existing MHSA stipend program infrastructure, as foundations for successfully administering the core aspects of ensuring stipend awardees provide two years of service (one year doctoral and one postdoctoral) at publicly funded mental health sites in California, and providing online training on the wellness, recovery and resiliency focused approach endorsed by public mental health. 

 CAPIC will also address updated OSHPD/MHSA objectives, such as expanding services to counties with a historical lack of representation, reaching out to mental health consumers as providers, collaborating with county public health agencies and related partners, and related goals to better address workforce needs. 

To be eligible for a CAPIC/MHSA stipend, an applicant must be enrolled at a doctoral academic program in California and must already be at a qualified internship program at the time of their application (Spring 2017).  She/he must be committed to serving at a qualified postdoc program after graduation.  In brief, a qualified program is one which receives mental health funding from a California county. Students must be from a regionally-accredited (or APA-accredited) doctoral academic program in California, but need not be a CAPIC doctoral academic program. Similarly, the internship or postdoc must be in California but does not have to be a CAPIC program.  

CAPIC will begin promoting this new stipend program in the Fall of 2016, with the online application process opening in February, 2017.   Announcement of awards of its first round of sixteen stipends will be made in the late Spring of 2017, with the first stipend funds then being distributed to awardees that Summer.  

These MHSA stipend program contracts translate into more service to underserved communities and more training for the next generation of psychologists to better address CA’s public health needs!  Stay tuned for more details.

Click here for a PDF of the announcement of this MHSA contract award. 


We have completed our previous 8-year MHSA Stipend Program contract for Psychology Interns. This contract was funded by the Mental Health Services Act (California Prop 63) and managed by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).  OSHPD also continues to manage other projects funded by Prop 63/MHSA which enhance mental health services for the people of California.  These projects include strategic planning, infrastructure development, workforce development, stipend and loan repayment programs, and more.    View our Resources page for links to these and other MHSA/OSHPD resources. 

Under this previous contract, CAPIC was awarded over $5.1 million. $4,121,185 of this amount has been distributed in stipends over the past six years to 218 clinical psychology students committed to working in the California public mental health system.  For Year 6 awardees, each full-time stipend is $20,772, and each half time stipend is $10,386. The names of the CAPIC/MHSA stipend awardees for all six years are given below under the Year 6 Stipend Awardees section.


NOTE:  Year 6 (2013-14) was the final year that CAPIC issued stipends under this MHSA contract. We are honored and proud to have been able to advocate for psychology in public mental health settings these past several years, and we are especially proud of the students who have been a part of this important program.  

An MHSA contract for issuing stipends for psychology interns in 2015 and 2016 was awarded to Alliant International University (Alliant).  Alliant was issuing stipends only to its own students under that MHSA contract.  Please direct your inquires regarding those MHSA stipends to Dr. Stephanie Wood, the contact person for Alliant’s MHSA stipend program, at or (415) 955-2020.

A new MHSA contract has been awarded to CAPIC, starting in July, 2016!  See separate section above with more details on this award.

Year 6 (2013-14) Stipend Awardees

The CAPIC/MHSA stipend program awardees for 2013-14 were selected on June 30, 2014. Congratulations to the awardees and to everyone who applied!  CAPIC received the funds in October 2014 and has begun issuing funds to those students that have met the requirements to receive their installments of the stipend award. 

Click on the press release immediately below for the names of the awardees!   Congratulations to all! 

Obligations of CAPIC/MHSA Stipend Recipients 

Stipend recipients must sign a contract, requiring them to complete their CAPIC/MHSA stipend program obligations in a timely manner or return the awarded stipend funds.  These requirements include:

  • Completing their internship at a qualified site within the specified timeframe;
  • Graduating from their doctoral academic program within the specified timeframe;
  • Starting postdoc employment at a qualified site within the specified timeframe (i.e. within 180 days from graduating); and
  • Completing the CAPIC/MHSA Online Training Modules (For Year 5 and Year 6 awardees only)

Resources for CAPIC/MHSA Stipend Recipients 

CAPIC has developed the following resources to assist Stipend recipients in obtaining a qualified postdoc position, historically the the most challenging aspect of the CAPIC/MHSA stipend program:

CAPIC/MHSA Online Training Modules

These online modules are available to the public, online, free of charge.  They include topics central to working with clients of the public mental health system, and are a required component of the CAPIC/MHSA Intern Stipend Program.   For more info, view our Online Modules page.


CAPIC/MHSA Stipend Eligibility Criteria

The application process for stipends has closed.   However, you may review the documents below for eligibility criteria and application instructions. Please also note that the CAPIC/MHSA Online Training Modules are a required component of our Intern Stipend Program.

Application & Supporting Documents


MHSA Symposium – March 18-19, 2011

View symposium materials from this past 2-day event titled “Serving the Underserved: Preparing Psychologists for Effective Practice in the Public Sector. “