Public Access to Online Profiles

The list of Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s) of CAPIC internship programs is available publicly by clicking here.

  • No login is required and search options are available.  
    • To view only those internship participating in the current match process (e.g. Match I, Match II, Clearinghouse, Post-Clearinghouse), click here to go directly to the advanced search option page.  
      • On the search form, click on the box for “participating in current match process” and click “Search.”
      • If you wish to consider other parameters (e.g. region, type of internships available, etc.), be sure to also select “Agencies that match ALL of the above criteria.” at the bottom of the form, as appropriate. 
  • Logging in is required to view the full, Extended Agency Profiles (EAP’s) or to participate in the CAPIC online internship match process.



A publicly available list (non-searchable) of BAP’s for CAPIC postdoctoral training programs is available by clicking here.