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2016-17 Election Results |  Election Process  |  Election Schedule |  Officers Elected for 2017 |  CAPIC Board of Directors   

The 2016 election period for the CAPIC Board closed on June 30, 2016.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and to everyone who ran to serve on the board. The ballots were counted by the CAPIC office and the results were certified by the CAPIC Board Secretary and Executive Committee in mid-July.   

2016-17 CAPIC Board Election Results:

Northern California
         NoCA Doctoral Internship  Representative:
             – Jorge Wong, Ph.D., at Asian American for Community Involvement

         NoCA Intern/Student Representative:
             – Sebastian Sheldon, MA, at John F. Kennedy University

Southern California      

         SoCA Internship Program Representative:
             – Rebecca Eberle-Romberger, Psy.D., at Whittier College Student Counseling Center

         SoCA At-Large Representative:
             – Linda Holder, Ph.D., Adjunct Graduate Professor, at Cal Lutheran University

         SoCA Intern/Student Representative:
             – Nadia Thalj, MA, at Pacifica Graduate Institute 

Congratulations to everyone! 

More details on the CAPIC Board election process is given below.   A full listing of CAPIC Board members (with bio and contact info) is available on the CAPIC Board webpage.

For additional information, please contact the CAPIC Office (925-969-4550 or  Thanks!


CAPIC Board Election Process:  

The CAPIC Board is elected by its CAPIC Program Members on a rotating basis and serve 3-year* terms. (* Note:  Intern/Student reps serve only 1-year terms.) Elections for open positions are held each Spring, and with terms beginning on July 1st, the start of CAPIC’s fiscal year.   

There are fourteen (14) positions on the CAPIC board, split evenly between Northern and Southern California.  These positions are for Doctoral Academic, Internship, At-Large and Intern/Student representatives.  

Below are the criteria for serving on the CAPIC Board:

Criteria to serve on the CAPIC Board  (For all Board representatives)
Student Criteria to serve on the CAPIC Board  (Supplement for Student/Intern rep)

The CAPIC Board meets quarterly, rotating its meetings between Northern (NoCA) and Southern California (SoCA) locations.  For meeting dates and locations, go to the Board of Directors page.

Go to the Board of Director page for more info and the full list of CAPIC Board members.

CAPIC Board Nominations & Elections Schedule:

  • May: Formal Call for Nominations sent to CAPIC Program Members from CAPIC Office.
    • May – June: Nomination Period for CAPIC Board positions
    • June: Nomination Period closes.
  • June: Quarterly CAPIC Board meeting in Southern California
    • Board reviews any outstanding nominations and approves the slate of candidates on the election ballot
  • June: Election ballot for open CAPIC Board positions sent to CAPIC Program Members from CAPIC Office.
    • June: Election Period for CAPIC Board positions.
      • Each Active CAPIC Program Member (i.e. Doctoral Academic, Internship & Postdoctoral Programs) is authorized one vote/ballot.  
      • Inactive CAPIC programs are not eligible to vote. 
      • Students are not CAPIC program members and are therefore also not eligible to vote.  
  • June:  Election period closes. CAPIC office tabulates election results.
    • July: CAPIC Board certifies the election results.
    • July: CAPIC Office announces election Results. 
    • Terms begin effective July 1, 2016.


CAPIC Board Officers were elected by the Board on December 3, 2016:  

The CAPIC Board Officers for 2017 are:

Board Chair: Kendra Nickerson, Ph.D.  
Vice-Chair:  Melodie Schaefer, Psy.D.  
Secretary:  Megan O’Banion, Psy.D.
Treasurer:  Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D.  

CAPIC Board Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected annually by the CAPIC Board of Directors themselves.  Their terms run on a calendar year cycle (Jan 1 – Dec 31).  Congratulations and thank you for your leadership!